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At Sustainable Media, we believe in the power of stories to create positive change. Sustainable Media produces videos and podcasts for various campaigns on sustainability and climate change. We do this for companies, schools, universities, festivals, municipalities, water boards, ministries...you name it. Small and large clients. It doesn't matter because they are all equally important to us.
We pride ourselves on working with clients from diverse backgrounds because we know that every person and every company has the potential to make a difference.

Our goal? To inform as many people as possible about what climate change is and what we can all do now to keep this planet livable.

Our company may be new, but the Sustainable Media team carries years of experience. Not only as creators of corporate videos but also behind the scenes on major television programmes and international documentaries. Storytelling is our quality. Join us on this journey to show others how we can create a greener future. Together, we can make a world of difference!

Our clients

Why use video?


As a sustainable organization, you have an important message to share with the world. And what more powerful way to get that message across than with video? Videos are the ultimate communication tool that brings your story to life, creates an emotional connection and reaches a wide audience. 

Videos have the power to touch people on a deeper level than text alone. With good visuals, music and inspiring stories, you speak to your audience much better and can inspire them to take action. Whether promoting sustainable products, sharing your mission or raising awareness of important environmental issues, videos have the potential to leave a lasting impression. 

In addition, you reach a wide and diverse audience with different backgrounds, languages and ages. Videos are very easy to share on social media and can quickly go "viral." And isn't the message you want to spread a bit more complicated for a large audience? With video, you can use graphics such as graphs and animations to explain everything, much more clearly.

As a sustainable business, your job is to lead the way, inspire others and create change. Videos enable you to fulfill this role with power and impact. 


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Our services

We really do all sorts of things!

Corporate video's

Corporate videos

Corporate video is an effective means of communicating and presenting a sustainable company's message to the world. If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, it is definitely worth considering a corporate video.

Event video's

Event videos

A professionally produced event video offers the opportunity to show the experience of the event in a way that photos or text cannot match. It can capture the emotion and energy of the event and give the viewer a sense of what took place.


Explanatory videos

Explanatory videos can be used in different ways, depending on their purpose. For instance, they can serve as promotional material, to inform potential customers about the benefits of a product or service. They can also be used for internal communication, to explain complex business processes or new initiatives to employees.



A well-produced animation can serve as a powerful tool to tell a story, promote a brand or demonstrate a product. Animation is well suited for educational purposes, where it is possible to present complex ideas in an engaging and understandable way.



Podcasts offer a unique way to share knowledge, tell stories and express opinions. The content of a podcast can range from news and current affairs to entertainment and education, and everything in between.

Social Media Video

Social Media Video

Videos for social media are an effective way to attract attention and generate engagement on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. These videos are usually short and sweet, and designed to hold the viewer's attention in a world where people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

Our projects

We are passionate about video and it shows in our work!

Play Video about Ancient city Lübeck Germany from a height. Golden hour.Sunset

Water-robust Cities

Weather extremes have been increasingly observed in the Netherlands and Germany in recent years. Therefore, within the INTERREG project ''Water-Resilient Cities'', the water boards Rijn and IJssel and Vechtstromen and the cities and municipalities of Bocholt, Münster, Hengelo and Zutphen are working together on measures to make cities water-resilient.

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Explanatory videos dike reinforcement

Commissioned by the Flood Protection Programme, we made 4 explainer videos for young people about dyke reinforcements. These videos can also be seen on School TV and in various museums. "Because a Netherlands without dykes...I shouldn't think about it."

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"Climate-ready" is an initiative of 14 municipalities to help residents and businesses adapt to the changing climate. For this campaign, we made 4 social videos that are also used for meetings.

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Nature-rich Limburg

"Nature-rich Limburg" encourages and motivates landowners to engage in activities that lead to more biodiversity. We made several videos for the website.

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POV Cables and Pipelines

The Project Transcending Exploration of Cables & Pipelines (POV K&L) has linked the worlds of flood defence managers and network operators to work together to fit cables and pipelines in dyke projects carefully, future-proof and safely. 

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Dyke Workers' Day 2023

We produced 6 videos for the Dyke Workers' Day of the Flood Protection Programme. Presenter Mark van Welzenis visited various dyke reinforcement projects as well as the University of Wageningen. There, he talked about dilemmas surrounding dyke reinforcements. These were then discussed in the audience.

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Dyke Workers' Day 2022

This video commissioned by the Flood Protection Program was shown at the Dyke Workers' Day in 2022. The corporate video shows the task of the HWBP: to strengthen hundreds of dykes to ensure that the Netherlands is prepared for sea level rise due to climate change. Cooperation is the key to success: with each other and with the environment around the dykes.

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Animated movie FABULOS A.I.

On behalf of Smartwayz.nl, we developed several animations about Artificial Intelligence in transport. For example, this bus is smart enough to drive without a driver. But what about crossing traffic? And can the bus distinguish a branch from a cat?


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